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We would like to pray for those who perished in the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and to extend our heartfelt sympathy to all families and friends in affected areas.
SSBC Director's message
被災研究者等へのNMR施設の提供について (Japanese only)

RIKEN Systems and Structural Biology Center
 Since the inauguration of the Genomic Sciences Center in 1998, RIKEN, initially in the form of the Protein Research Group, has elucidated the structures and functions of many important proteins.
 Along the way, the development of novel technologies and the nurturing of human talent in the field have also been accomplished in great leaps and bounds, through the "National Project on Protein Structural and Functional Analyses" (the "Protein 3000" Project, 2002-2006).
 Using these cornerstones, results, and experiences as a basis, the Systems and Structural Biology Center (SSBC) is now moving on to the analyses of even more challenging proteins, in an effort to elucidate the mechanisms of interactions of biomolecular systems at the three-dimensional structural level, and to develop new technologies that will allow system functions to be reconstructed in vitro, in order to gain deeper understanding of life.
 SSBC aims to build a bridge between life science and material science, to expand the logical design of biomolecular mechanisms and to increase predictability in life science.  Furthermore, we intend to create proteins and nucleic acids with novel functions, and to use them to develop powerful techniques for life science research and for various industrial applications.
 Based on our research, we hope to contribute to the improvement of health and biomedical science, especially by integrating biomolecular mechanism studies and biomedical science.
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News>>Press Releases>>'SSBC Press Releases' Update
News>>Press Releases>>'SSBC Press Releases' Update
Knowledge Hub>>'Publications' Data Update
- 世界一のタンパク質構造解析施設「NMR立体構造解析パイプライン」を開放 - (Japanese only)
- Software designed to reduce time-consuming steps in the analysis of NMR data, allowing efficient high-throughput protein structure analysis -

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